Pi Kappa Phi at UNC Chapel Hill defends the American flag

Members of the Pi Kappa Phi chapter at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill campus defended and reinstated the American flag from a group pro-Palestinian protesters.

A beacon of hope for nationalism and masculinity during uncertain times, the act has been reported on by news outlets including Fox News.

According to Fox News, "The flag had been flying at half-mast after four Charlotte officers were killed in the line of duty on Monday — with a Palestinian flag before UNC Chancellor Lee Roberts responded with law enforcement officers to return the American flag to its place."

Audrey Conklin and Julia Bonavita wrote, "Activists, some of whom were not affiliated with the nation's first public university, attempted to take it down a second time but were met with resistance from a smaller group of students."

"Today was a sad yet empowering day at Chapel Hill," student Guillermo Estrada, class of 2027, said in a Tuesday post on X. "When I walked to class, I saw the Palestinian flag raised on our quad flag pole, and was immediately upset at the act that these ‘protestors’ had made. I cannot say I am fully educated on the Israel/Palestine conflict but it upset me that my country's flag was disrespected in order to advocate for another."

According to reports of the incident, Chancellor Roberts and officers who replaced the flag the first time "were met with profanity, middle fingers, thrown bottles, rocks, and water."


Members of Chapel Hill's Pi Kappa Phi held the American flag up and defended its honor.

Almost immediately, the video went viral online.

In celebration of the American flag returning to its rightful place, students sang the National Anthem and chanted "USA! USA! USA!"

A GoFundMe has reportedly been created for Chapel Hill's Pi Kappa Phi chapter and has raised more than $57,000 "to throw this frat the party they deserve."