Mass arrests at Columbia University following pro-Palestine protests

NEW YORK — According to multiple firsthand videos online and a report by Axios, the NYPD raided Columbia University on Tuesday and started making mass arrests following pro-Palestinian protesters barricading themselves inside campus buildings.
CNN reported: "Police entered Columbia University campus around 9 PM ET and ordered protesters and journalists to disperse and leave the grounds near Hamilton Hall, where protesters had barricaded themselves."

Later in the evening, the NYPD entered the Hamilton Hall building at Columbia through a second-floor window, deploying tear gas inside. Reports indicated that there was an unconscious student out front.
BACKGROUND: Columbia began suspending students who refused to leave a pro-Palestine encampment on campus and has threatened students who occupied Hamilton Hall with expulsion. (Axios)

It's worth noting that various news outlets, including The New York Post, claim George Soros is funding the multi-campus protests that have turned violent.

"Police have begun taking protesters into custody and loading them onto buses, according to multiple media outlets. The NYPD did not immediately respond to Axios' request for details.

Though there were reports of tear gas used against protesters as the NYPD entered Hamilton Hall, Carlos Nieve, the NYPD Assistant Commissioner of Public Information denied it. "The NYPD does not use tear gas," he told reporters gathered outside the campus."

This is a developing story.