LIVE UPDATES: Stormy Daniels takes the witness stand in Trump criminal trial

On Tuesday, porn star Stormy Daniels was called to the witness stand in former President Donald Trump's criminal hush money trial in New York.

The prosecutors called Daniels to the stand, using her stage name instead of her birth name, Stephanie Clifford, according to ABC News.

Without looking at Trump, the adult film star entered the courtroom wearing all black.

Daniels said she is testifying pursuant to a subpoena. Prosecutor Susan Hoffinger is leading the questions.

Following probes from prosecutor Susan Hoffinger, Daniels discussed her life growing up in Louisiana.

Daniels reportedly worked in clubs as an exotic dancer while in high school to make money. She said she could "make more money in one weekend than she would "shoveling manure eight hours a day."'

Daniels then went on to describe posing nude in magazines when she was 21 so she could elevate her dancing career.

According to Daniels, "If you [were] a Playboy centerfold, you were the headliner."

At 23, Daniels began starring in her first adult films. According to the porn star, she was a background actor in a film when a producer from Wicked Films approached her. Within days she had her first contract.

Daniels claims that she was, "[Honestly] kind of scared to do it." Since then, she has produced over 150 films, including awards.

Among her illustrious resume, Daniels was featured in Maroon 5 videos, and both "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up".

Daniels recalls the celebrity Lake Tahoe Golf Tournament in 2006, where she allegedly met Donald J. Trump. 

"It was a very brief encounter on the course." She was 27-years old at the time.

Daniels testified that at that meeting, Trump's body guard came to her with a proposal: "That Mr. Trump was interested in having me joining him for dinner."

Candidly, Daniels says she responded, "F--- no," Daniels said of her reaction.

Evidence details that Trump's bodyguard was listed as "Keith Trump" in Stormy's phone. Her reasoning for the name was due to the fact that she did not know the bodyguard's last name at the time.

According to Daniels, her then-publicist said of the potential dinner with Trump, "If nothing else you'll get a great story."

Daniels claims she went to Trump's Harrah's resort to meet with him and went directly to his suite per the instructions of bodyguard Keith Schiller.

The adult film star claimed that Trump was wearing silk pajamas and that she requested him to change. Daniels claimed that his hotel room was, "Three times the size of [her] apartment." 

Trump allegedly asked if the two of them could talk before going to dinner to get to know eachother.

Daniels said that once Trump changed his clothes, they passed the time before their planned dinner by talking at a table in the suite.

The conversation purportedly included discussing whether she was married or had a boyfriend.

Based on the story that Daniels alleges, she claims that their conversation shifted to the business aspects of the adult film industry.

She claims that Trump asked, "Are there any unions?" And how she got paid. The adult film star also claims that Trump asked her about health insurance and STDs.

According to Daniels, she alleges that the two of them had a brief conversation about Melania.

"He showed me a few pictures ... and I said, 'What about your wife?'"

Stormy Daniels claims that his response was, "Oh don't worry about that, we don't sleep in the same room."

As the testimony continues, Daniels says that Trump brought up the idea of an appearance on "The Apprentice."

Daniels alleges that she did not believe they would let her go on the show. She suggests that Trump quipped, "You remind me of my daughter."

Court broke for a recess.

This is a developing story. Last updated at 11:33 AM ET.