Kash Patel joins the Stew Peters Show to discuss the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

It feels like there hasn’t been nearly as much attention on Maxwell’s trial in the press, compared to all the others, and rest assured, that’s likely by design. A lot of people, powerful people, don’t want the public learning too much about what Jeffrey Epstein was really doing. When Epstein “committed suicide,” he’d been charged with fraud and sex trafficking of minors, but there was every reason to suspect far more may have been going on. And according to prosecutors, Maxwell was at the center of all of it, as Epstein’s fixer and chief recruiter. And, again according to prosecutors, she also participated in some of the sexual abuse of minors directly. Kash Patel joins us.

New documents have been released proving that the CIA covered up at least 10 cases of agents raping kids and veraciously consuming child pornography, and got off scoff-free. Stew Peters show investigative journalist Edward Szall digs into the report and makes the case for disbanding the Central Intelligence Agency...


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