FRANCIS SCOTT KEY BRIDGE COLLAPSE: Here’s what we know so far

In the early hours of Tuesday, March 26, the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland collapsed after being hit by a container ship at approximately 1:30 AM ET. At least eight were plunged into the water, some from a construction crew, as the bridge crashed into the Patapsco River.

According to The Washington Post, the container ship was traveling at a relatively rapid speed of about eight knots.

Coincidentally, the container ship lost power moments before it struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge, according to Maryland Gov. Wes Moore (D).

According to the FBI Baltimore Field Office Agent in charge, William "Bill" DelBagno, there is “no credible information” to indicate that the container ship crashing into the Francis Scott Key Bridge is linked to any terrorism.

As reported by Julie Kelly, FBI Agent William DelBagno was only appointed to the Baltimore Field Office on March 25, 2024.

See the FBI Press Release here.

There are reports circulating throughout social media regarding the container ship and its drivers. One is reportedly from Ukraine and the other from India. However, this data does not include information that would explain the power on the ship going out immediately before striking the bridge, or details of how this would occur.

Some users on X are suggesting that the ship was controlled remotely by satellite capabilities, while others speculate there were other suspects on board that caused the strike.

This is a developing story.