Every American, regardless of personal politics, should beconcerned by what I saw happen to President Donald Trump

Fellow Patriot, 

Matthew Whitaker here. 

The Deep State nearly pulled off a coup against former President Donald Trump while he was in office. And I can attest to this while I served as Trump's Acting Attorney General.

These evil forces nearly overturned the will of the voters, but thanks to my efforts and those of other patriots, we were able to stave off the Deep Staters. 

In my newly released book book "Above the Law", I documented the many challenges the permament bureaucracy threw at the Trump administratoin. Check out an excerpt from the book below:
Every American, regardless of personal politics, should be concerned by what I saw happen to President Donald Trump inside the U.S. Department of Justice between 2017 and 2019. No one—no private citizen, no political figure, not even an accused criminal (and I’ve prosecuted thousands)—should be subjected to such an  arrogant abuse of power by federal law enforcement leaders and bureaucrats. The American people and all honest public servants deserve better.

Top officials at the Department of Justice felt so strongly that Donald Trump’s election as President in 2016 was unacceptable that they decided—working with congressional Democrats—that they could put themselves above the law and above the Constitution. They overturned bedrock standards of American justice, flouted normal prosecutorial procedures, violated federal rules and policies, and even committed crimes.

Department of Justice officials like former FBI Director James Comey appear to have openly meddled in the 2016 election. They spied on American citizens without proper justification and revealed investigative details about presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as though the Justice Department was tasked with voter education instead of charging and prosecuting criminals. After the election, Comey and his colleagues at the Justice Department continued their extracurricular activities—this time to convince voters the man they elected President was “morally unfit” and ought to be removed from office. The appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team, whose behavior was totally above the law, was meant to ensure Trump’s impeachment. 

Prior to moving in 2017 to Washington, D.C., I had spent my entire professional career in the Midwest. I didn’t have the firsthand experience to know how to react to President Trump’s initial comments about Washington’s “unelected operatives” and “entrenched bureaucrats”—a so-called “Deep State.” I learned it existed by working alongside it and against it.

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