Chris Cuomo predicts Trump will beat Biden this November: ‘This guy’s going to win’

NewsNation anchor Chris Cuomo predicted that former President Donald Trump will emerge as the victor in this year’s presidential election, citing Trump’s continued support since leaving the White House.

Cuomo, who previously worked as an anchor for CNN, made his prediction shortly after President Joe Biden gave his annual State of the Union speech, which he was discussing on the PBD Podcast. The 2024 presidential election is predicted by many to be a rematch between Trump and Biden after former 2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley suspended her campaign last week.

“This guy’s going to win,” Cuomo said, referring to Trump. “I’ve never seen people behind someone like this before. I’ve never been to rallies like that before for anyone. Obama didn’t even have rallies like that.”

When reflecting on the 2016 election, which was between Trump and then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Cuomo suggested that the Democratic Party had made a mistake in not talking to the people that Trump ended up representing and instead told voters, “You’re an idiot” to vote for Trump. He then argued that the Democrats are “still making that mistake” ahead of the 2024 election.

Cuomo appeared on the same podcast in November, during which he suggested he was open to the possibility of voting for Trump over Biden. He added that before casting his vote, he would “really have to see where we are at that moment in time.”

Neither Trump nor Biden have secured the presidential nomination for the respective parties, but both are leading against their challengers in numerous polls and primary elections. Both will go through another round of primary elections on Tuesday, exactly one week after both were the clear winners of the Super Tuesday primary elections.

In a hypothetical rematch between Trump and Biden, several polls have indicated that Trump would emerge as the victor. However, these polls have been largely dismissed by the Biden administration, with Michael Tyler, the president’s campaign communications director, arguing the polls are underestimating Biden.

This article was originally published by The Washington Examiner.