BREAKING: Hawaii state senator floats question of Trump assassination

On Sunday, Hawaii State Senator representing District 13, Karl Rhoads, wrote in a post on X: "Trump says Presidents have total immunity. So if Biden has Trump assassinated, that's ok?"

*I still have many bans on my X account, despite Elon Musk's takeover of the platform. I cannot embed my own posts into articles.

The post only had 303 views as of Monday afternoon, but quickly caught fire on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, as Trump supporters chimed in.

State Representative Tim Cahill of New Hampshire replied, "Wtf" to the news.

X user "fiddlesticks200" replied, "These people are so out of control . . . If only there was some law enforcement agency that could address this THREAT AGAINST A FORMER PRESIDENT".

According to Google, Rhoads has served as a Hawaii State Senator since 2016.

It is unclear who manages the senator's account. This is a developing story.