Bohemian Grove member says he has never seen Donald Trump there, has seen Barack Obama and Bill Clinton

America First journalist and investigator, Kyle Undercover, interviewed a member of Bohemian Grove by filming with a hidden camera.

Kyle Undercover asks the member if Donald Trump goes to Bohemian Grove, or if he has ever seen him there.

The member replies, "Never seen him here. I doubt he'd be invited."

When asked if he has ever met Bill Clinton there, the member says, "Oh yeah."

"What was he like, is he a nice guy?"

"He is stiff."

"Obama has been [to Bohemian Grove], I don't know about Joe Biden."

The member says, "Obama came up there very quickly because he didn't want to make a big deal. So he flew in, they picked him up. They have a lakeside talk and then an evening event, and so he was planning to see the event."

Kyle asks, "John McCain?"

"No, I just knew John McCain down here. He's a good Democrat, we got along well."

"Is there Secret Service there? Absolutely not."

"Do you go with family?"

"Good Lord, no. It's a male club."

"Do you have sons?"

"Yeah, my son's a member now. He just got in after 11 years."

"Wow. Do you know anyone who would be willing to invite us to the event to let us see it?"

"Absolutely not. There's no way I would be able to evaluate you, what you do, how you do it, where you came from, why are you doing what you're doing now. That's what I've gotta know if I invite someone."

"I'd say I've got a guy and they'd say who? Especially since you're usually staying with a camp of some sort."

"So when you stay at the camp, do you have to stay at that camp and not wander around at nighttime?"

The member says, "There are 32 camps. So one camp has 2 people. One camp has 50 people. So it all depends where it is."

"Richard Nixon, he was actually quoted talking about Bohemian Grove. One of his tapes that got released in the 1990s or 2000, he said it's the "faggiest club" he's ever been a part of."

"That would make sense, yes, because he was definitely an outlier."

Kyle asks the member, "How much is it to get into the Bohemian Grove? Because I know you have to pay an upfront fee and then yearly dues?"

"Money is no object. It's whether you're accepted. Many, many, many very rich people will never get in."

"Wow," Kyle says "What's the reason for that?"

"Because they're not there for money. It's not how much money you have. It's totally immaterial. You know yourself. Anytime you're with an organization that's top, people want in."

"Are you a Freemason also?"

"No, no, no. Bohemian, they're Gypsies. Started by San Francisco's, let's go out to the woods out there and start something. That's how it started. But there's a whole batch of them scattered around different parts of the Grove."

"The Hillbillies, they're the biggest one, right?"

"The band is the biggest one. The Band camp. Hillbillies is probably in the top 3rd."

"What's your political affiliation?"

"I'm a Democrat."

"Have you been a lifelong Democrat?"

"Absolutely, absolutely. Democrats are more fun than Republicans."

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