BLOODBATH: The Presidential Debate Left Americans Stunned

There is no word to describe the June 27 Presidential debate other than "bloodbath."

On Friday morning, Americans woke up stunned.

Political enthusiasts, pundits, actors, and even everyday Joe's that could care less about the state of our country, could not believe what transpired the night before.

The Presidential debate between former President Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden was less of a debate, but rather, an awakening.

Despite representing CNN, the moderators surprisingly gave President Trump softball questions. 

The moderators even cut off Biden while he was mumling about Medicaire.

Following the debate, liberal news outlets including both CNN and MSNBC went into full panic mode:

Kristen Welker said, "This race is effectively over!"
A commentator on MSNBC, who claims to have been texting with the Obama's, among others, during the debate, gave remarks that the response to Biden's performance was "somewhere approaching panic."
Some personalities on X shared screen shots of "black Twitter" finding President Trump humorous:
During the debate, the official account for the Border Patrol Union made it a point to state: "To be clear, we never have and never will endorse Biden."

The official Democrats X account was slaughtered by the ratio in the comments section under a post that named Joe Biden "the winner" of the debate: